Monday, October 14, 2013

A Week Late And A Muslin Short

This little lady wants a Little French Jacket

UPDATE:  With the holiday rush, an ice-storm induced power outage and various and sundry illnesses and obstacles, mom's decided that the suit will be her birthday present in February.  Whew!

I wanted to show my mom my LFJ project this weekend, so I gathered all the goodies. . .fabric, patterns, tools, etc.  She ran her fingers along the boucle, shot through with gold.  She happily looked over the design elements in the patterns and told me which she preferred.  She adores the skirt in the Kwik Sew pattern. Then, she began trying to decide how long she would want the jacket to be. . .you know, if it were going to be hers.

Mom is 92, and has always had excellent taste.  When she was young she sewed most of her wardrobe. Even today, she relishes describing certain dresses she remembers making and wearing, and there's always a special detail.  . .a little embroidered embellishment, self-covered buttons, French seaming. . .that were especially satisfying to her.

As she continued looking over the elements of my dream jacket, she wondered aloud if her plum dress pants might look nice with it.  In case I wanted to borrow them.

Well, what could I do?  All my life, my parents did their best to make my dreams come true.  Can you think of a lovelier Christmas gift than a Little French Jacket?  With a matching skirt, maybe?  Ho, Ho, Ho! 


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