Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whatever You Say, Boss!

The ladies at The Monthly Stitch have a great challenge for March.  Miss Bossy Patterns is a stashbusting, control-freak-slamming extravaganza!  Have a pattern stash as tall as a sequoia?  Well, you're asked to grab three of them. . .three you'd like to sew up.  No problem, right?  But here's the kicker:  Other members will tell you which pattern you're to sew up in March.  That's right.  Once they vote, you'll have to do what they say.  They're the boss of you.  Totally.

Now, you look at your patterns a little differently, yes?  What if they vote for this one?  Then, I'll HAVE to make it.

I went back and forth many times, repeating those exact words in my mind, and I've finally settled on the three I'm eager - and willing - to tackle.  Here they are:

First, paired with a paisley print light knit fabric (that will probably have to be lined), I have chosen Simplicity 3775, which I think would make a nice spring/summer dress.  I would probably make View C.

Simplicity 3775
Next, I've chosen a jacket (which will be totally out-of-season by the time it's completed at the end of March and will probably remain unworn until next fall).  The pattern is 108 from Burda World of Fashion 10/2008.  I've paired it with a black and white woven fabric.

Burda 108 - 10/2008

Finally, I have an old, old, old Vogue pattern, V9945,  paired with a lovely woven print.  I've always loved this pattern, but never really felt svelte enough to sew it up.  Well, the heck with that.  If you vote for it, I'll sew it!

Vogue 9945

Looking over my fabric choices, I'm struck by how dark it all looks, especially when I remember that it'll be spring when I'm done.  Oh, well.  These are my choices.

Please vote at the poll on the sidebar.

Thanks, in advance, for visiting and voting!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

You know who never wore prints? Emma Peel, that's who.

So, I'm taking the March challenge at The Monthly Stitch, and I've chosen some print fabrics from my stash to be my guide in selecting my top three patterns.

Now, I don't usually gravitate to prints in my wardrobe, because I consider them somewhat limiting and hard to wear, and I've always tried to follow the "three things" rule when shopping for (or sewing) clothes.  The rule states that whatever you buy/sew/acquire for your wardrobe should go with at least three things already in your wardrobe.

Also, I've always considered solids more chic.  I'm a bit of a prints bigot, if you like.  It's so easy for prints to look dated, wrongly proportioned and sometimes, a little cheap, depending on how they're used.  Prints are for scarves, right?

None of my style icons are prints ladies.  Check out the fabulous Diana Rigg as the even more fabulous Emma Peel

Emma Peel and John Steed: Solid black and champagne!
I'm such a fan of her style that I even have a Pinterest board called What Would Mrs. Peel Do?

Still, I'm going the extra mile for this challenge.  Letting other people tell me what to sew is one thing.  Sewing it in fabric I may not be able to figure out how to wear chicly is a whole other thing.  But, who knows?  It may take me into wonderful new fashion territory!  



You're not the boss of me! No, wait. . ..

. . .you are!  I have found a wonderfully inspirational blog called The Monthly Stitch, and I am jumping in in March with the Miss Bossy Patterns challenge!

In this challenge, we choose 3 unused patterns from our stash, and then let the other members vote on which one we use!

I have gone through my fabric stash first, and I've chosen two prints - one a woven and one a knit.  This adds a little extra challenge for me, because, though I do love prints, I'm intimidated about sewing with them.

Here is the knit fabric:

This paisley knit will probably have to be lined.

The knit is thin and I'll either have to line it or make something that would always be worn with a slip (if I even still have one!) or a camisole.

Can't wait to get my patterns selected.  Thanks for stopping by.


p.s.  I've never had this much trouble with links and text before, so I'm putting in The Monthly Stitch links here:

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