Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're not the boss of me! No, wait. . ..

. . .you are!  I have found a wonderfully inspirational blog called The Monthly Stitch, and I am jumping in in March with the Miss Bossy Patterns challenge!

In this challenge, we choose 3 unused patterns from our stash, and then let the other members vote on which one we use!

I have gone through my fabric stash first, and I've chosen two prints - one a woven and one a knit.  This adds a little extra challenge for me, because, though I do love prints, I'm intimidated about sewing with them.

Here is the knit fabric:

This paisley knit will probably have to be lined.

The knit is thin and I'll either have to line it or make something that would always be worn with a slip (if I even still have one!) or a camisole.

Can't wait to get my patterns selected.  Thanks for stopping by.


p.s.  I've never had this much trouble with links and text before, so I'm putting in The Monthly Stitch links here:

Website  --
FB group --


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